Web pages getting hijacked?  Lots of pop ups?  So slow you can watch your hair grow???  Computer viruses are like termites.  Just because your antivirus has "exterminated" them doesn't mean you've fixed the damaged they've caused.  Your operating system is probably still compromised.  You can try downloading "speeder uppers," "cleaner uppers," and scan until the cows come home.  If the problem was severe, only a reinstallation of your operating system will bring your computer back to top performance.  Let us do a complete diagnostic for $50.  Then, you can apply that diagnostic towards the fix.  We'll check it out and let you know what we'd do with it if it belonged to us.  Sometimes that's a repair, sometimes it's a reformat, other times we suggest target shooting and simply buying a new one.  In addition, it's true that we survive on repeat business, but if we have the same customers coming back with the same computers and the same problems?  Then we're not doing our job.  We'll do our best to figure out what made you the most vulnerable and help you to avoid it in the future.


MICROSOFT is never, NEVER going to call you!!!  Don't fall for it!  Have you ever actually TRIED to get Microsoft on the phone?  They are never going to take time out of their day to call you and tell you that something is wrong with your computer.  It's a scam.  It's ALWAYS a scam.  We can take you to a page on your computer any day of the week and show you where your system has self-corrected a glitch.  It's doing what it's supposed to do.  All of those little yellow exclamation points can look pretty scary, but it's completely normal.  Just hang up!  (Or, since most of those scammers who call you don't have ANY Apple/Mac knowledge, just tell them you have a Mac and listen for the *click*!)

Updates are not "New and Improved Packaging."  They are fixes to known security problems.  If you postpone an update, you are leaving the door wide open for the bad guys.

You do need an Anti-Virus.  But, you can have the most expensive deadbolt available on your front door.  If you unlock it and let the bad guys in, you can't blame the lock manufacturer.  Make sure you scroll through the info before you download.  You don't have to read all the fine print, but if there is a checked box offering you some sort of tag along, UNCHECK THE BOX.

Don't click on links or open forwarded emails.  We've all seen enough of those questionable people in Walmart.  It's just not worth it!  Those giggles are not free... but, they sure are job security for us.


Stay away from free music.  When I was a kid, I had to spend $12 on an album and usually only liked 2 of the songs.  Now, from the comfort of your livingroom, you can download individual tunes for about $1.  SPEND THE DOLLAR.  (And, honestly?  We really like to get our music from Amazon instead of... well, you know.  The music comes in a much more generic format, you can still play it in iTunes AND you can use it, send it, create with it, etc. without all the locks and restrictions.  You can thank us later.)

Have I mentioned that Microsoft is never going to call you?

Drop by anytime for some tough love!  We want you to feel comfortable and ask questions.  Stop by just to say hello!  We're kind of like the computer repair equivalent of the barber shop on the Andy Griffith Show.  (Okay, okay... we're not THAT old, but we DID watch the reruns when we were kids.)

If Floyd was fixing a computer or cell phone, this would look a lot like our store on Friday afternoon.

If Floyd was fixing a computer or cell phone, this would look a lot like our store on Friday afternoon.

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