Please welcome Brian Peterson to Computer Fix!


Our History - COMPUTER FIX MARIETTA (Formerly That Computer Chick 2)

In November of 2011, East made a split from the West... and the North and South collided!  Kim Hardee and Sandra Morrison soon made it obvious to everyone that the Italian Yankee and the Southern Belle were a business match made in Heaven!  Their strengths and compatibility helped them to grow into a strong business partnership.

In April of 2015, they decided to begin the the process to ensure a smooth transition of new ownership.  A new name was established, but on the same solid foundation and with a promise to our customers that we would not move on to the next chapters of our lives until we found someone we could trust to "adopt" the business to which we'd grown so attached.

It took year, but finally on March 31, 2016, we passed the torch to Brian Peterson.  Brian spent many weeks working with Kim and Sandra before officially taking the reins.  Many of you had the opportunity to meet him and give your seal of approval!  Now that it's official, Kim will stay on for a few months and, rumor has it, may pop down from Tennessee from time to time to hold down the fort if Brian can tear himself away for an occasional vacation!

Please let us continue to be your first stop for any and all of your technology needs.  Even if we do not personally provide the services you need, we can make recommendations to our favorite reliable professionals.