Who we are...



On March 31, 2016, Brian Peterson became the new owner and operator of Computer Fix!

Brian has 24 years experience supporting networks, computers and telephone equipment.  He is excited to begin this new chapter, owning his own business and sharing his talents and warm personality with our established customers as well as new clientele and our close knit East Cobb community.  Please welcome him and take advantage of his vast knowledge, professional demeanor, and impressive tech intuition!


How it works:

  • Start with a $50 Diagnostic
    Even if you are tech savvy enough to know what is causing your most debilitating symptom, it is still our normal policy to do a thorough diagnostic. If your hard drive is infected with a virus, we may determine that there are other issues that may be asymptomatic.  We feel it makes more sense to know everything that may be going on with your computer before you spend money to fix any part of it.  We'll do our diagnostic and then call you to tell you what WE would do with it if it belonged to us... sometimes that may be recommending a new one.  But, we will speak to you after the diagnostic before doing anything else.



Computer Help

  • 1.Over the Phone
    We are more than happy to nurture our relationship with customers over the phone and help with simple questions whenever we can.  
  • 2.In the Store
    If you have a simple question and time allows, we are happy to take a quick look and check it out.  However, more often than not, what might seem like a simple fix or setting adjustment actually requires us to devote some time to the issue.  Please understand we may need you to leave your computer so that we can do a diagnostic.
  • 3.Remote Service
    If you need a little help and can't get in the store, we can do a remote service with you where we are able to see your screen and, in most cases, do the clicking for you!  This service starts at $35 for the initial connection up to 15 minutes.  Additional time blocks of 30 and 60 minutes are available if needed.  However, if you have already paid for our services in house and are simply trying to reinstall your printer or have a question, we do include one complimentary remote service to get you back where you need to be.  As long as you are already connected to the internet, give us a call during business hours and then click on the link below.                                                                                                                           Remote Service