Adding a second hard drive to your desktop? Need more RAM in your laptop? Spilled coffee on your keyboard? We can help! Sometimes we have parts in stock. Most orders take about 3 days. Want to save a little money? Opt for a refurbished part to replace the broken one for that computer. Bring it on in and let's see what we can do!


Not all computer repair shops are created equally. Once your hard drive has been infected with a virus, Trojan, root kit, etc., we don't believe that *removing it* is a sufficient, effective fix. (Actually, your anti-virus program has probably already done that.) In fact, we compare it to removing a broken bone. It's gone, but operations are still compromised. In order to restore optimal performance, we believe a reinstallation of your operating system is necessary. Now, falling prey to a virus or two may not mean it's time to completely reformat, but when you are suffering with pop-ups, slow speeds, and dead USB ports, or if you can no longer get on the internet or open your documents? Yep... it's time.

On Site

On Site visits are $125 per hour. We are happy to come and help solve that printer problem, teach you how to use PhotoShop, or set up that new computer. But, if your computer simply isn't running right, consider bringing it into the store for a flat rate $50 diagnostic (which can be applied to the cost of the fix). We also offer pick-up and drop-off service to help save you money when fixing on the spot is just not the cost effective way to go.